Blackcurrant Seed Oil for Atopic Dermatitis in Young Children – Director’s Choice

Written by Jessica Patella, ND. Three grams of blackcurrant seed oil, when given to pregnant women at 8-16 weeks gestation, later through their breastfeeding cycle, and then to their infants until age 2 years, significantly improved atopic dermatitis in 12 month old infants compared to the olive oil placebo.  (more…)

Aloe Shown to Improve Skin Health

Written by Jessica Patella, ND. Aloe vera, a common sunburn treatment when applied topically; however, when taken internally aloe vera significantly reduced wrinkles and improved skin moisture, skin collagen levels, and elasticity in participating subjects.

Herbicide and Sun Exposure in the Risk for Melanoma – Director’s Choice

Written by Marcia J. Egles, MD. Of the 800 participating subjects, those with occupational exposure to herbicides, particularly glyphosate, and fungicides had a 4 times increased risk of developing melanoma, while those with occupational exposure to pesticides for 10 or more years had a 7times greater risk compared to those who were not exposed.

Cocoa Intake Improves Skin Health

Written by Greg Arnold, DC, CSC. Participating women, aged 57-73, who drank a cacao beverage containing 300 mg of cacao for 6 months, saw a significant  8% reduction in skin roughness and a significant 10% improvement in skin elasticity compared to the control group of women. (more…)

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