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Verification for information on the Dr. Oz show

In this column we list research from the NHRI website that verifies statements from the Dr. Oz show and website. The NHRI is not affiliated with Dr. Oz in any way, but wants to encourage our readers to visit his website at and to be aware there is good research to support information that he presents.

AOCS Annual Meeting     May 3-6 2015          Orlando, Florida
Research on Fatty Acids in Human Health and Function sponsored by the NHRI

The NHRI recently sponsored a seminar at the AOCS meeting May 3-6 in Orlando, FL. This covered some of the most exciting contemporary topics on human health and function as modified by a family of omega-3 fatty acids. Speakers covered how omega-3 fatty acids remain the cornerstone of health and how diet and lifestyle affect lipoprotein balance in the body and how an imbalance affects heart health as well as neurocognitive function. Topics included the importance of ketone metabolism, especially acetate in health.

A summary of the presentations will be posted on the NHRI website shortly.

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