Scientific Advisory Board

The purpose of the Scientific Advisory Board is to advise and undertake the strategies, plans and activities of NHRI as they relate to its scientific affairs, and are consistent with the purpose of the NHRI. Ronald Ross Watson is the Technical Director of the Scientific Advisory Board and arranges for Scientific Advisory Board meetings and the technical activities of the NHRI. All Scientific Advisory Board members are distinguished scientists with expertise in the various areas needed by the NHRI, except for one member at large who has communications or industry credentials.

NHRI’s Scientific Advisory Board Members

Ronald Ross Watson, Ph.D.

Dr. Watson, Director of the Scientific Advisory Board, is a Professor of Health Protection Sciences at the University of Arizona and is the panel manager of the USDA team for reviewing grants in active nutritional elements in foods. He initiated and directed the Specialized Alcohol Research Center at the University of Arizona and received awards as a Future Leader by the Nutrition Foundation. He has published over 500 papers in the research areas of effects of dietary nutrients in adults, the elderly, and AIDS patients, ethanol induced immune suppression, beta carotene and cellular immunity, nutrition in cancer prevention, and slowing aging.

Richard Cantrill, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Cantrill is chief science officer and technical director of AOCS, an association that provides resources for sharing scientific information and knowledge. He is responsible for all Technical Services activities including methods development and maintenance, laboratory proficiency, and accreditation. His special emphasis is on horizontal method development of food standards and special liaison with governmental and nongovernmental organizations. Cantrill earned a B.Sc in biochemistry with special honors and a Ph.D. in brain lipid synthesis from the University of Sheffield (UK). He is a member of the Food Ingredients Expert Committee of the Food Chemicals Codex, a member of the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants of the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization and World Health Organization, and represents AOCS on a number of International Organization for Standardization and other international committees.

Edward Farnworth, Ph.D.

Dr. Farnworth is Chief of Science Advice, Food Regulatory Issues, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Editor in Chief of Medicinal Food News, and on the Editorial Board of the Food Science and Technology Bulletin: Functional Foods. He is a past president of the Canadian Society for Nutritional Science. He has presented over 200 research papers and reviews. His research interests include the areas of probiotics and prebiotics, fetal and maternal nutrition, conjugated linoleic acidmetabolism, digestion and absorption of bioactive ingredients, and biomarkers for clinical trials.

James J. Gormley, Secretary

James J. Gormley is the Scientific Advisory Board member-at-large and Secretary of the NHRI. As an award-winning journalist, blogger and published health book author, he assists the Board in publicity. His 25 years of experience in health media and scientific relations include: medical journal editor; editor-in-chief of “Better Nutrition”; scientific and regulatory affairs liaison for Nutrition 21; and editorial director of the “Vitamin Retailer” magazine group. He is VP and senior policy advisor for Citizens for Health, a leading grassroots health advocacy organization.

Russell M. Jaffe, Ph.D., M.D., CCN

Dr. Jaffe is a Fellow, Health Studies Collegium, and Founder of PERQUE LLC, a firm producing items for practitioners. In the past, he has been an official at the National Institutes of Health and Clinical Center in Bethesda, the US Public Health Service, and on the editorial board of The New Physician. For the past four years he has been selected as one of America’s Top Physicians, and selected as International Scientist of the Year in 2003 at Oxford. His published research includes over 400 papers in the areas of clinical and nutritional immunology, toxic minerals, hormones, and chemical disruptors, and autoimmune disease.

Patrick Massey, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Massey is Medical Director of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for the Alexian Brothers Hospital Network and president of ALT-MED Medical and Physical Therapy Program, Elk Grove Village IL. Dr. Massey is a board certified internist and graduate fellow of the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. He has been a leader in clinical integrative medicine for over 25 years. He lectures nationally on various integrative medicine topics and is a reviewer for several peer reviewed medical journals as well as the American Alzheimer’s Association. He has published in peer reviewed journals in both basic and clinical science.

Richard B. van Breemen, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard van Breemen received his Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Experimental  Therapeutics from Johns Hopkins University and B.A. in Chemistry with honors from  Oberlin College. He was Editor-in-Chief of Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening and is currently on the editorial boards of Biomedical Chromatography and Assay and Drug Development Technologies.  He received a University Scholar Faculty Award from the University of Illinois, a 2010 Expert Methods Panel Award from the AOAC International for his work on analytical methods for dietary supplements, and the 2008 Harvey W. Wiley Award from the AOAC International. The research of Dr. van Breemen concerns the discovery and development of natural products as chemoprevention agents and the investigation of botanical dietary supplements as alternatives to traditional estrogen replacement therapy.

Richard L. Sharpee, Ph.D.

Dr. Sharpee is Director, Science and Nutrition at NOW Health Group, Inc. in Bloomingdale, IL and President NHRI.  At NOW Foods, he is responsible for new product development, clinical testing for safety and effectiveness, international registrations and technical support for all dietary supplement products in both the practitioner line (Protocol for Life Balance) and retail market world-wide. At the NHRI, he is the managing director and responsible for the development of scientific symposia on the scientific evidence of the health benefits and cost-effectiveness of dietary supplements. He received a B.S degree in Bacteriology from the Univ. of Wisconsin, a M.S. in Microbiology and immunology from Miami Univ. and a Ph.D. in Microbiology (Virology) from Univ. of Nebraska. He has over 30 years of broad-based experience in infectious disease research, innovative industry-first product development, GMP manufacturing and technical market support in the dietary supplement, animal health and pharmaceutical industries.  He was named as a “Top 100 innovator” for the development of the world’s first vaccine for feline leukemia, a co-discoverer of rotavirus and the discoverer of coronavirus in cattle.

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