The Natural Health Research Institute (NHRI) is an independent, non-profit organization that supports science-based research on natural health and wellness. It is committed to informing consumers, scientists, the media, policymakers and legislators about scientific evidence on the usefulness and cost-effectiveness of diet, supplements and a healthy lifestyle to improve health and wellness, and reduce disease around the world.


Tackling Cystic Fibrosis (CF)
The NHRI is working to provide information on CF, not only from our usual method of using peer-reviewed research, but also reports from practitioners and individuals that have experience with this dread disease. Our goal is to provide an information exchange that will lead to more fruitful research in this area. We are doing this because natural health research on CF is at the beginning stages. Ailments like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and osteoporosis have good research programs in place at many institutions. However, the research on CF is spread out over many countries and based on different theories. There are no continuing programs on CF in leading universities. It is important to communicate research ideas to those who can use them. We are sponsoring research for Cystic Fibrosis. Click here to view student awards.

CF is a debilitating disease in which mucous accumulates in the lungs and intestines and interferes with breathing and digestion. The average life span for CF patients is about 37 years. Medical treatment for CF includes working with specialists, physical and respiratory therapy, exercise, medicines, nutrition, enzymes, vitamins and emotional support. The research done on CF is mostly funded by pharmaceutical firms and is not focused on natural methods. This research is normally limited to drugs which can be patented by sponsoring firms. The NHRI believes it is possible for researchers to find natural methods to benefit the victims of CF and hopes that information posted will be useful for patients, practitioners, and researchers.


Our Information Process
As a non-profit organization, we are not subject to government restrictions, as are commercial sites. Commercial sites are not legally allowed to present information showing that any supplement is useful to prevent or treat any ailment or condition, even from a government agency. The NHRI website shows the percent disease reduction and cost benefits when available.

Information for NHRI is taken from peer-reviewed published research of good quality. This information is sent to one of our writers. Our writers have advanced degrees in science and nutrition, and are well-qualified to present the research with technical accuracy. Read more about our writers. After the article is completed, it is sent to our editor to review and then to our technical editor. Then it is sent to the Technical Director of NHRI, Ronald Watson, PhD. (Read more about Dr. Watson). Those he approves are posted on the NHRI website. A small number of the articles that Dr. Watson finds to be especially well-written are given a grade of “Director’s Choice”. Over 1000 articles on topics from ADHD to Women’s Health are available to help in making informed health decisions. More topics can be covered on request. We do not permit commercial messages to assure freedom from bias.


About Our Translation Tool
The translation tool to the left makes the information on the NHRI site available in 64 different languages. All computer translation tools are approximate and need to be verified by a translation service, if a literal translation is needed.


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These are summaries of our best recent articles and news of the NHRI, and not exceed one 8 ½ x 11 sheet. Please sign up on the Contact Us page. Your email address will be used only for this purpose.


Making Research Understandable
We are in the process of editing all articles on our website to make them readable by the average high school graduate. It is important that meaningful research to improve health can be understood at this level. Scientists, researchers, and practitioners are able to search sites like for information, but we want to make quality research understandable by everyone. Please view the information on Understanding Nutritional Research to help understand the process and reliability of the various types of research.


NHRI Annual Scientific Symposiums
The NHRI has held eight symposiums where leading scientists have presented information on natural health, beginning in 2004. See Conference Proceedings.


Our Books
A series of books on various topics in natural health have been published with assistance of the NHRI. These are written by leading experts and edited by Ron Watson, sometimes with the help of co-editors. The reading level is for the practitioner or scientist and these contain extensive current information. Read More.