No Medical Advice

The Natural Health Research Institute does not recommend treatments for health conditions or give medical advice. We present research on nutritional and lifestyle factors to improve health in a cost effective way to practitioners, researchers, and the general public. We welcome your comments about the Natural Health Research Institute website, as well as information about research that may interest Natural Health Research Institute. However, we are unable t respond to questions about your personal health or provide medical advice.

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Do Not send Information About Your Products—The Natural Health Research Institute is a non commercial, non profit firm, and does not engage in buying, selling, or advertising commercial products. We delete all such information and do not reply to it.


Writing for NHRI

We receive a number of inquiries about writing for the NHRI. We have a good staff of writers, but can sometimes use articles, if they meet our criteria. Presently we are only interested in specific experiments that have been done, rather than theories or opinions.

Compensation is $50.00 per article and a link to the website of the author is permitted, which can benefit practitioners.

Needed Factors

  1. Commercial and political messages must be avoided.
  2. Research must come from peer reviewed journals.
  3. Material should deal with natural materials and methods.
  4. Article should list experimental conditions including potencies used, number of subjects and list the actual numbers found, and control of variables.
  5. References to verify the statements made should be immediately after the statement.
  6. Authors should have technical degrees of B.S. or greater.
  7. Quotes from researchers must be borne out by their research, if included.
  8. The journal publication title, date, and lead author should be listed.
  9. References should be primary, and not magazine or newspaper articles.

Desired Additional Factors if Available

  1. Research on humans is preferred. Animal and cell studies should include a comparison to equivalent human intakes and serum levels, with a disclaimer that this is inexact.
  2. Cell studies are only useful if there are no existing human or animal studies.
  3. Prior research leading to the article.
  4. Use of + or – range or P values is desirable.
  5. The mechanism for the results.
  6. The cost reduction possible by use of the treatment.
  7. Research should not be over three years old, unless known to be still valid.
  8. A washout period should be included.
  9. Improvements should be listed as a percent also and not just the specific improvement.
  10. If a nutrient is specified, the amount in the average diet and RDA should be given. A recommended usage is desirable.