Creatine helps Maintain Hip Bone Density in Postmenopausal Women – Director’s Choice

Written by Greg Arnold, DC, CSCS. Postmenopausal women who supplemented with creatine and did resistance training for 12 months saw a significant increase in hip bone density and bone periosteum compared to those who did … Read More

Effects of Zinc and Protein in Bone Health of Frail Elderly – Director’s Choice

Written by Jessica Patella, ND. This is a study of 51 elderly participants who consumed 20 grams of a protein supplement daily. There was an increase in a hormone by … Read More

Vitamins C and E may Help Bone Health in the Elderly

Written by Greg Arnold, DC, CSCS. Research concludes that “1000 mgs of ascorbic acid and 400 IU of Vitamin E is beneficial for preventing or helping with the treatment of … Read More

A Review of Nutrients for Bone Health

Written by Jessica Patella, ND. Protein, calcium, magnesium, flouride, zinc, copper, boron, potassium, and  vitamins D, K, C, A, and B are important for bone health.

Athletic Recovery – Too Much Pain, No Gain – Informed Opinion

By Gene Bruno, MS, MHS – Dean of Academics, Huntington College of Health Sciences. A number of supplements help reduce muscle, joint and bone inflammation from heavy workouts including: calcium, … Read More

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